Saint Mary Elisabeth Hesselblad,

Maria Elisabettasince childhood you invoked God the Father for the gift of the Holy Spirit, the loving Light, to guide you in search of the saving Truth, the only nourishment for the one Fold of Christ. The ardent contemplation of Christ Crucified, manifestation of love of the Triune God, has transformed you day by day into a "pilgrim of unity of the Church" and a "Mother of the Poor."

Teach us to understand, by constant daily practice, how love and humble service to men can be a primary tool to build a unified Christian community and a peaceful humanity.

Through your intercession, obtain for us from the Lord, to be like you, pilgrims of Church unity and eloquent signs of the Father's mercy towards all men, starting with the most humble and the most needy.

Saint Mary Elisabeth, together with Mary, Mother of the Lord and of the Church, and with Saint Bridget of Sweden, your beloved teacher, pray for us the Triune God. Amen.