Birgittaklosteret - Ingeborg Ofstads veg 1 7091 Tiller - Trondheim Norvegia
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Trondheim plays a key role in Norwegian history and culture.Founded in 997 and was the capital of Norway is still the citywhere new kings receive their investiture. Located onTrondinem fjord is surrounded by beautiful wooded hills and is crossed by the river Nidelva.

The convent of Santa Brigida is located 10 km south ofTrondheim, the area of the city called Tiller, and is the ideal place for those who want to visit the countries of northern Europe while staying in a place of peace and quiet and isinterested in living in a religious community.

The house has a church, 2 conference rooms which hostsecumenical meetings and retreats, a TV room, a study room, a room for meetings, a library, a dining room and a beautifulgarden. All rooms have bath and shower, telephone, wireless internet and central heating.

Treatment: full board, half board or bed and breakfast. The house is open all year round and is equipped for disabledguests.

How to get there From the center of Trondheim by bus no. Tiller 46 for every 15minutes. Get off at Ingeborg Ofstads 1, where the monastery is located brigidino. To reach the airport Vaernes (30 km from Trondheim) is available from the center of Trondheim-tur retur a bus(Flybussen) every 15 minutes.


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