Püha Birgitta Klooster - Pirita - Merivälja tee 18 11911 Tallinn, Estonia
Tel +372 60 55 000 Fax +372 60 55 006 E-mail pirita@osss.ee
web: www.piritaklooster.ee

The Bridgettine guesthouse in Tallinn, capital of Estonia has 20 single, double and triple rooms, accommodating 41 persons. Every room has a separate shower room, Internet connection and phone. Our guests can also take advantage of a library (multilingual literature), computer facilities, conference room and TV-room.

Prices for rooms (per single, double, triple or 4 persons are respectively 800, 1000, 1300, 1400 Estonian Crowns (equal to 54, 67, 87, 93 Euros). Discount 100 Estonian Crowns per room/day is offered since September until May. Please account payment should be made in cash. The price includes breakfast and parking inside the Convent fence. Upon the request we offer also lunch and dinner. The list of Bridgettine convent’s guesthouses in several other countries can be found in net at: www.brigidine.org

Bridgettine sisters have a long tradition to offer lodgings and welcome guests at their convent’s guesthouses – the tradition has lasted several hundred years. The modern guesthouse of the convent in Tallinn, located just next to the medieval ruins of the majestic Bridgettine convent, welcomes everyone, despite anyone’s religious background. We are Catholic order, but our mission is ecumenical.

The Pirita convent is situated only 7 km from medieval old town of Tallinn, one of the most popular and fast growing tourists attractions in Northern Europe. The convent and the guesthouse are located just few hundred metres from the sandy beach of the Baltic Sea and are well connected to the town centre by public transport. The city centre and the convent are connected also by walking road built just next to the sea, offering a great view to the old town and Tallinn bay.

With its solemn beauty and historical value the majestic walls and ruins of the Bridgettine Convent church, built over 500 years ago, attract many tourists, and offer several possibilities for those wishing to spend time in quietude and contemplation. During summers many concerts are organised inside the walls of the old church. Concerts and other cultural events are sometimes organised also in the new convent facilities. Every August over weeklong Birgitta festival with operas and various concerts is organised inside the walls of the old church. On August 15, the Convent Day is always organised at the old convent area by Bridgettine sisters in Tallinn. The day includes concerts, various activities and events for children and adults, all events free of charge. The money earned from the guesthouse is partly used for various social projects, also organised by the convent. Those who wish can attend our liturgical prayer in our chapel, where regularly Holy Mass is being celebrated and also private meditation is possible.


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