santa brigidaThe "Mystic of the North", "a spokesman of God": with these and other similar expressions really gigantic figure of Bridget of Sweden (1303-1373) received attention. A unique personality and powerful for the vehemence and the incisiveness of the message of peace, belonging to the royal family did not prevent her to scale the heights of the highest sanctity, expressed especially in Revelations that made her famous, and that to understand, should read and consider the perspective of her life "always turned to God, spent in studying the Bible, prayer and meditation, asceticism and penance."

Educated and equipped with a practical sense, wife and mother of eight children, humble but casual traveler, counselor of the great rulers of his time, founded the Order dedicated to SS. Savior. We find the Swedish Saint fully involved in the events that will see her spiritual heirs six centuries after "bridge of union between Rome and the noble Sweden, between the Catholic and Lutheran churches in Northern Europe", as Paul VI said. October 7, 1391 the bull of Boniface IX promulgated the canonization and declared St. Bridget honored throughout the Church "for the glory of the true faith, for the solution of the schism of the Church and the unity of faith and the Church ".

santa brigida

It 's really a Santa with european dimensions that since October 1999, with the Blessed Teresa Benedicta from the Cross and St. Catherine of Siena, is patroness of Europe, which has a common heritage of tradition, faith and history, even in the plurality of historical events. The sweden Holy has actively worked for Christian unity and its European dimension is recognized by both sides, Catholic and Lutheran. July 23 marks the liturgical feast of St. Brigid, Patroness of Europe.