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Wales – Holywell


Holywell is known in Britain as a result of St. Winifred, a monkof the seventh century, and the Well at the sick who come to askthe intercession of the saint.

The Order accepted the invitation to go to Holywell to keepopen the secular Catholic structure, called "Wenefride's Hospice St, Holywell" ("the hospice for pilgrims Winifride").

In fact, while until 2002 the Sisters of Charity of St. Paul hadhospice care, built about 100 years ago to house the poorpilgrims from Liverpool, after the departure of these nuns.

With the arrival of the Brigidine Sisters in that particular placewhere there was already a tradition of hospitality, the House so he could continue to function as a retreat house and hospitalityto pilgrims visiting the famous Well, but at the same time have the possibility of discovering the spirituality of St. Bridget and the Blessed Mother Elizabeth.