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Casa de Santa Brigida

 Calle Gra. Fco. J. Mújica 155
Tacámbaro, Michoacán.
c.p. 61650
Tel. +52 459 59 6 03 88
Fax. +52 459 59 6 13 58



The home of Santa Brigida is located at the center of the town, was founded by the pre-Hispanic population Tarascos between 1401 and 1450.

The name means the place of Tacambaro palms.

The altitude of the city above sea level varies throughout the populated area and fluctuates between 800 and 2900.mslm.

The house is home to girls who do not have the financial ability to study, welcomes groups of priests, religious and laity, for spiritual exercises, and individuals are also home for a day or more.

The sisters Bridget, maintain their spiritual activity, the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament every day, every day and this favors an environment of peace and serenity.

The house is tastefully decorated, all rooms are with bagno.Trattamento: full board, half board or bed and breakfast.

The house also has a chapel, a meeting room, TV room and a large garden.

The house is open all year.