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What We Do

Like a catholic that is friendly towards brothers, Bridgettine Sisters, in the mark of the opening in the fraternal and be forthcoming without selections or exclusions, live their consecration to God by the three vows of chastity, poverty and obedience in a climate of deep contemplation and active apostolate.

In bridgettine convents "Catholic" and "ecumenical" are closely linked, in the fullness of faith and dedication to Christ who gives meaning to the work begun by Blessed M. Elizabeth Hesselblad

From the ecumenical celebration of the October 5, 1991, to commemorate the sixth anniversary of the canonization of Saint Birgitta, Swedish Saint's figure had an additional growing of admirers; the commitment of the Sisters is to be compliant as possible with the charisma of the two holy and be consistent witnesses of the Word, given and shared in spiritual gatherings of high cultural and ecumenical profile.

1. The activity of the host:

From the house in Piazza Farnese, to Camaldoli and Farfa, Olgiata and Lugano and all the other houses around the world, the Brigidine Sisters are for the purpose of hospitality and welcome in ecumenical meetings of spirituality on their apostolate. The bridgettine houses are "hostels" of ecumenical charity, of activities and hospitality complemented by the spiritual and cultural dimension.

2. The Ecumenical activity:

The knowledge and study of ecumenism in the bridgettine Order are promoted for dialogue between the churches and different religions for the full development of European unity.

In the Centre of Farfa, blessed by the Servant of God Pope John Paul II, following the doctrine of the Church and the teachings of the Magisterium, the aim is to carry out a cultural, civil and religious training of man and for a peaceful dialogue with the people and the seekers of truth. The longing was that of St. Bridget in her troubled times is taken up by His daughters, in the certainty that prayer is a dialogue together with the privileged and blessed to build a true ecumenism that reaches the minds and hearts of men of good will .