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Who We Are

The Order of SS. Savior of Saint Bridget is present today in Europe, Asia, North America, Central America and Cuba

santa brigida
The successful synthesis of active and contemplative life has allowed a balance that well before the Second Vatican Council has marked the fledgling community, because it is based on careful attention to the Word, in the exercise of apostolate and in religious education, on a Christocentrism understood as a pivot of the Church's life and a strong emphasis on the Eucharistic dimension.

The heirs of the spiritual guidance of the Saint Mother Elizabeth Hesselblad were able to interpret the thought and spirit of their foundress, developing both ecumenical and missionary anxiety.

With the General Abbess Mother Tekla Famiglietti, the head of the Order 1979-2016, religious life in its deeper meaning has been consolidated and developed with a large search to the perfection that the religious state bound to the three evangelical vows require. In a climate of trust and cooperation between the various components of the Order and in a great spirit of faith was intensified the climate of fraternal charity, education, and contemplation of confidence for the growth of the Order.

The Order of SS. Savior of Saint Bridget is present today in Europe:

  • Sweden: Djursholm, Falun
  • Norway: Heimdal
  • Finland: Turku, Stella Maris
  • Denmark: Maribo
  • Estonia: Tallinn
  • Poland: Czestochowa, Gdansk
  • Germany: Bremen
  • Netherlands: Weert
  • England: Iver Heath, Birmingham, Wales Holywell
  • Switzerland: Lugano
  • Italy: Rome, Piazza Farnese, Via Roma Islands, Olgiata Rome, Farfa Sabina, Assisi, Naples-Camaldoli


In the Middle East:

  • Palestine: Bethlehem
  • Israel: Jerusalem


In Asia:

  • India: Marikunnu, Bangalore, Kalamassery, Pallavaram, Mysore, Nantoor, Trivandrum, Puttur, Sipcot, Goa, Chikmagalur, Kurnool, Belgaum, Mumbai, Kannur, Amachal, Visakhapatnam and Sabbavaram (Andhra Pradesh), New Delhi, Bhagalpur and Kabirpur (Bihar)
  • Philippines: Tagaytay, Montevista
  • Indonesia: Bali, Maumere


In North America:

  • U.S.: Darien


In Central America:

  • Mexico: Tacambaro, Mexico City, La Paz, Manzanillo, Guadalajara
  • Cuba: Havana, Pinar del Rio