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The Bridgettine Sisters Mag-asawang Ilat - F.V. Tagaytay City, Cavite
Tel +63 9063000817 Fax +63 46 4132975 E-mail tagaytay_britta@yahoo.com

Sacred space and a quiet, peaceful atmosphereA variety of retreats and spiritual programs to foster the search for wholeness and holiness.

Refresh yourself, your relationship with God, your soul. With prayer, through reconciliation, in silent meditation and warm fellowship, you'll find the strength to face the personal challenges or business problems that confront you.Warm Hospitality.

Accommodations for groups: a 56 bed facility (single and double room) with attached private bath and CR, a variety of meeting and dining rooms, chapel, and a silent terrace for meditation called Roof Top.

Come away for a little while.Relax and refresh yourself in faithat our beautiful retreat housein the rolling hills of Tagaytay.

Here you can share in the spiritual challenges,joys, peace and blessings of the retreat experienceaway from the noise and stress of today's world.

Direction the province of cavite is very easy to get from Manila, is only 50 km.


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