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Pinar del Río

Pinar del Río

Convento de Santa Brígida y de la Madre Isabel Calle Pascual Martí #1 entre Coronel Pozo y Antonio Guiteras CP 20100 Pinar del Río Cuba
Tel: 0053 48 775084 - e-mail: hessalblad@gmail.com

This is one of the buildings that in Cuba recalls the traditional Asturian architecture of the Royal house, to which Juan Carlos of Bourbon belonged, fellow student of blue blood that certainly affects the education and admiration for the fine arts in the young cultured and intelligent previous owner of the house, who realized his studies in Spain, José Maria Celestino Rodriguez Valle, son of Blanca Valle and Celestino Rodriguez.

In 1942 it was built with nine rooms, a large hallway and interior courtyard with beautiful decorations, beautiful gardens and fruit trees and at the background there is a small square that formed part of the family condominium, which arose as a fifth house or house of recreation on the edge of the city.

The house was purchased by the Order of the Most Holy Saviour of St. Bridget in Cuba, which carried out the renovation while maintaining the original style.

The Bridgettine Sisters in Pinar del Rio, have for guests 12 rooms all with attach bathroom, air conditioning, the dining room, conference hall, courtyard and chapel for those who wish to enjoy moments of peace and prayer. The cleanliness and order are perfect. There is hardly a better stay in terms of simplicity, comfort, peace and beauty. They also offer airport transport and trips for tourist or recreational purposes to the most beautiful landscapes of Cuba.


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