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Casa di Santa Brigida - Via Cassia 2040 - 00123 - Olgiata ROMA (ITALY)
Tel +39-06-30880272 Fax +39-06-30888015 E-mail olgiata@brigidine.org

The Centre of Spirituality of Saint Bridget has been inaugurated only recently in a locality known as Olgiata, engulfed in the greenery of a magnificent pine grove. It is meant to foster ecumenical meetings and inter-confessional dialogue with non-Catholic Christians and members of other non-Christian religions. It is an ideal place for those who look for peace and tranquillity.

Retreats and spiritual exercises, prayer meetings and congresses are held in the house. The house is open all year round and is equipped for disabled guests, but the structure still does not perform hospitality service.

The House is some 20 km from the Campidoglio. One can get there by car driving along the Via Cassia and Via Cassia-bis exit Cesano.

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