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St.Bridget & Bl.Mother Elizabeth's Convent Purok 7 Convent Province Montevista 8801 Philippine
Tel +63 9166911850 Fax +63 848220416 E-mail: elisa_montevista@yahoo.com

Montevista is a municipality of the Philippines located in the province of Compostela Valley in Davao Region.

In Montevista the Sisters have a school for poor children, every Friday 3 doctors come to the clinic to visit approximately 300 patients. The Sisters give medicines to the poor and help the farmers by giving them seeds of rice, so that, for the time of harvest, each family earns enough to support everyone in their own home. In another moment the Sisters teach farmers how to collect shells of co-conut to produce soaps really appreciated in the market. They help all poor families, including the rebels in the area.

The House welcomes young Aspirants to make an experience in a convent. The Sisters, in imitation of the spirit of Blessed Mother Elizabeth Hesselblad, invite everyone to visit the church of the monastery during the Eucharistic Adoration and often come to console the families and help young mothers.


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