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Susteran Santa Brigita HP 081 558 529 688 RT 17 RW 03 Kelurahan Wolomarang Kecamatan ALOK MAUMERE Lorong Sumber Harum Indonesia
Tel +62 81 558529688 / +62 81 339151500 E-mail flores_hesselblad@yahoo.com

The town of Maumere is located in Indonesia and is the largest urban center on the island of Flores, with a population of just under 100,000 inhabitants. It is the capital of one of the districts that divide the island, the Regency of Sikka, in the Indonesian province of East Nusa Tenggara;

The town is also the seat of a diocese of the Catholic Church, established in 2005. In the earthquake that devastated Indonesia in 1992, Maumere has suffered enormous damage.

In the House of Maumere are allowed in Aspirants. The Sisters often visit the other islands for the promotion of vocations. Sisters teach English language to both children and adults.

Maumere is located in a very poor island, the sisters teach mothers how to keep the house clean and the kids how to grow vegetables in the garden. In a land close (in Nanghahure) is cultivated a lot of fruit, whose proceeds are distributed to the poor.

The Sisters are also involved visits to the sick and to bring them Communion.

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