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Suore di S.Brigida Via del Monastero 12
02030 Farfa Sabina (ITALY)
Tel: +39-0765-277087 Fax: +39-0765-277079 E-mail: suorefarfa@brigidine.org

The International Bridgettine Centre of Farfa is situated in the agreeable location of Farfa, surrounded by the hills of the Sabine region covered with woods, vine and olive plantations. It lies some one-hour drive from the city of Rome and from the airport, direction north-east. The Centre forms part of a big complex which, since the Middle Ages, formed part of an important Benedictine monastery which has played for many centuries an important role in the spread of monasticism in the West. The calm surroundings, away from the smog of city life and still conserving their original character, offer an inviting atmosphere for regenerating one’s physical and spiritual energies.

The House has a chapel, conference rooms and study rooms. The services in the rooms include a bath or a shower, telephone and central heating. The House is open all the year round and is not equipped for disabled guests.

Nature The little village Farfa is situated in an astonishing nature! It lies on the descent down to a valley in the district Fara Sabina. At the bottom of the valley there is a small river, the hills and valleyrs are covered with olive fields and small forests containing pines and cypresses – the trees gives the air a lovely scent of resin. There are lots of swallows flying in the air like air acrobats. In short – more beautiful Italian nature than this is hard to find!

If you like to take a walk in Farfa there are many possibilities to do so. The shortest of them is just to wandering about in the village in the evenings when the heat is gone. It is possible to make small excursions in the close area seeing the olive trees and splash about in the little river at the bottom of the valley. There are lots of more possibilities to explore the landscape, but then you will need a car or use the local buses. For example about 2 km east of Farfa there is an idyllic little mountain village called Tuffia. At the monastery there is a map with local excursions outprinted available.

DirectionFarfa is 50 km away from Rome, travelling along the Via Salaria deviating direction Passo Corese.


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