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Birgittasystrarna - Bürevägen 12 18263 Djursholm Svezia
Tel: +46 08 7551785/7532285 Fax: +46 08 6226617/ (Del.)7556176 E-mail djursholm@birgittasystrarna.se www.birgittasystrarna.se

Djursholm lies about 10 km north-east of Stockholm. The Bridgettine Convent in Djursholm was founded in 1923 but the present building was completed in 1973. The House has a chapel and a conference room where ecumenical meetings are held. The services in the rooms include a bath or a shower and telephone and central heating. Board: Full-board, half-board or bed and breakfast. The House is open all the year round and is not equipped for disabled guests.

Direction:One can come to the House in Djursholm by taking the Underground from Stockholm stopping at Mörby Centrum and taking the bus 606 or 616 to Framnäsviken.


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