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Dom Sw. Brygidy - ul. Sw. Elzbiety 11
42200 Czestochowa Polonia
Tel: +48 034 3651576 / 248102 Fax: 0048 034 3740324
sbrygida@wp.pl sbrygidki@wp.pl

Czestochowa is one of the most important centres of cult in the Christian world. Pilgrims arrived here since the XIV century. Every year 4-5 million persons, among whom about a 100 thousand foreigners, visit the miraculous image of the Madonna with Child, a Byzantine picture brought to Jasna Góra in 1382 by the Prince Opole Ladislao who also built the church and the Paulite Monastery on the top of the chalky hill overlooking Czestochowa. The House of Saint Bridget is situated in a splendid spot and one can enjoy a nice panoramic view of the city from the sunny terrace of the House. The House has a chapel and a room for ecumenical meetings. The rooms are furnished in simplicity of style but every room has a bath or a shower, telephone and central heating. Board: Full-board, half-board or bed and breakfast. The House is open all the year round and is not equipped for disabled guests.

Direction: The House is some ten minutes away from the train station of Czestochowa and 3 minutes from the bus stop.


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