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St.Bridget's Convent - Maryvale Institute - Old Oscott Hill, Kingsstanding, Birmingham B44 9AGUK
Tel +44-121-3252405 Fax +44-121-3252411 E-mail bridgettine.maryvale@dsl.pipex.com

The Maryvale Institute is an historical place – where there has been a Christian presence for a millennium. Archbishop Maurice Couve de Murville, considering the importance of the presence of a religious community, in 1999 invited the Brigidine Sisters to support students and visitors, with their charism of unity. Maryvale is an excellent venue for holding conferences and meetings but also an ideal place for contemplation, withdrawal, prayer and study withdrawn.

The sisters as part of evangelization cooperate with the group for diocesan vocations to promote vocations and spread the life of the Order. As part of the training and development of the Catholic Faith, they are also enrolled in various courses organized by the Maryvale Institute.

The Sisters at the Maryvale Institute are engaged in spirituality, which is the absolute primacy of God, in the liturgy, in devotional activities, in an ecumenical dimension, singing the Divine Office, the prayer of Church, and encouraging students and visitors of the Institute. The Sisters organize the service of prayer for the unity of all Christians, with many Christians of other denominations taking part of it. Like Santa Brigida and the Blessed Mother Elizabeth Hesselblad, they have ardent love for the Eucharistic Celebration, the Divine Office, the study of Sacred Scripture, devotion to humanity of the Word, as an expression of adoration daily special of the Blessed Sacrament, to which the staff and students willingly participate.

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