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St. Bridget's Convent Susteran Santa Brigita Ordo Sang Penebus Tersuci Rumah Doa Jl. Batu Sari N.10 Renon - Denpasar 80235 BALI Indonesia Tel.: 0062 (0) 8123 8572 718 e-mail: floreshesselblad@gmail.com

Bali is an island of Indonesia. It’s part of the Minor Sunda Islands and is separated from the island of Java by the Bali Strait. Administratively it is a province of Indonesia, with capital Denpasar, and is the only one with an Hindu majority. Bali is the most important tourist destination in Indonesia.

In Bali, the sisters perform certain services in accordance with the request of the Parish Priest.

In the church of the Kuta Brigidines take care of the chapel of Adoration and a sister helps the parish office. Every Sunday they distribute Holy Communion during the celebration of three Holy Masses. Two Sisters work in the office of the Cathedral making themeselves useful to the local Church. The Sisters are often called by the hospital and by families to help the sick, especially in the last moment before leaving this earth.

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