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The History

La StoriaThe Order of SS. Savior of Saint Bridget begins on 8 September 1911 and was approved by the Holy See definitively December 2, 1940. The communities of the Brigidine Sisters who seem to spring up from the prayer of one who, in the fullness of woman with many gifts of nature and grace, has made possible this expression: "O God, guide me amiable light."

The birth, stability and prosperity of this religious family are intimately related to the founder, Blessed Elizabeth Hesselblad, author of the spiritual rebirth of the ancient Order, beatified April 9, 2000 by Blessed John Paul II. 


Saint Bridget

santa brigida
The "Mystic of the North", "a spokesman of God": with these and other similar expressions really gigantic figure of Bridget of Sweden (1303-1373) received attention. A unique personality and powerful for the vehemence and the incisiveness of the message of peace, belonging to the royal family did not prevent her to scale the heights of the highest sanctity, expressed especially in Revelations that made her famous, and that to understand, should read and consider the perspective of her life "always turned to God, spent in studying the Bible, prayer and meditation, asceticism and penance."


Educated and equipped with a practical sense, wife and mother of eight children, humble but casual traveler, counselor of the great rulers of his time, founded the Order dedicated to SS. Savior....

Blessed M. Mary Elizabeth Hesselblad

Maria Elisabetta

Born in 1870 and died in Rome in 1957, after the conversion is called to re-establish the old bridgettine order.

It seeks to "join what is divided" and, in fact, from childhood the allusion to "one fold under one shepherd" has driven the search for truth. The ecumenical zeal has got to bring the new order in Sweden. Known are the care and zeal that she exercised during the Second World War in favor of the Roman people and especially the Jews persecuted. 

The path followed by Blessed M. Elizabeth is the one of prayer and of the Cross; is well aware of the context in which to move for a good position, because religion does not allow to be accommodating....

100 Years from the Foundation of the Order



1911 -2011
100 Years from the
Foundation of the Order
the Most Holy Saviour of Saint Bridget

Stemma ordine


La Storia